Ed Lemon emerged from the wilderness of Barnwell, SC and clawed his way into a burgeoning music scene as a self-taught singer/songwriter. Along his journey, he befriended some amazing musicians and formed the “Voltron” known as Ed Lemon and the Get Rights. Ed has an enormous range with his voice and is a natural storyteller with his lyrical compositions.

Corey Stephens is the backbone and the glue of the Get Rights. As musical director, he is the man who makes sure the Get Rights are, in fact, getting it right. He is an unstoppable force of nature in the studio, offering a deep, musical literacy that is difficult to articulate, but wonderful to behold. His clever and unique musical arrangements elevated Ed’s songs from sketches to finished works of art. He also wrote the song, Free, for the record. It’s a rocker that we know you will dig. Did we mention that he’s one of the best bass players you’ll ever hear? Because he totally is.

Sean Bing simultaneously emits raw power, finesse, and love. He is at the top of his game on drums with a clarity and precision that is only matched by his contagious positive energy and is a vital ingredient in the Get Rights’ recipe.
Nick Brewer is the Get Rights’ genuinely eccentric member who will keep you on your sonic toes. He brings world class chops and vast musical knowledge to the table as well as being a fantastic songwriter. Two of the songs from the upcoming record are his strange and beautiful babies. And his lush synth and piano contributions lift up the entire record.
Dave Grimm plays the guitar like a wizard. Think Gandalf, not Merlin. You know…the kind of wizard you’d like to hang out with and learn a thing or two from without him making you feel like a lesser being…(which you might be).
Chris Williams makes being cool look easy. But don’t try to keep up with him…you might fall short. 😎 He quickly became an invaluable member of the Get Rights in the studio as the horn section director. His arrangements are infectious and perfectly compliment both the hooks and textural elements of the upcoming record.
Gavin Smith plays trombone with an ear as keen as a brand new Ginsu Knife. The newest member of the Get Rights, he seamlessly joined the crew, and complimented the catalogue with his silk-meets-knock out punch tones. Silky when called for, and smacking you in the mouth, other times, when you need it.